Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review: Family Inheritance by Deborah LeBlanc

Summary: (from Deborah's website)

The dark, impenetrable bayous of Louisiana are filled with secrets that can never be revealed and mysterious forces that can never be understood. Nightmares live there. Jessica LeJeune left Louisiana, but she brought some of those mysterious forces with her--and now she's being called back to her Cajun roots to confront a destiny she could not escape and a curse she might not survive.

Jessica's younger brother, Todd, has descended into a world of madness. His shattered mind is now the plaything of an unimaginable evil, an unstoppable entity with cruel plans for both Jessica and Todd. But Jessica is not alone in her battle to save her brother's soul. For deep in the misty bayous, in an isolated wooden shack, lives the one person who is their only hope...

My Review:

Ms. LeBlanc does a wonderful job of capturing the look and feel of Louisiana in her writing. Being from Louisiana myself I could easily picture the shacks on the bayous, but no matter where your from I think you can imagine it. She just does THAT well with her writing.

I recognized a lot of folklore throughout the story that has been passed on from generation to generation and I'm glad to see someone who was able to capture that and make it into a book we can all enjoy.

The story was full of mystery! I was interested and excited! It didn't take me long to finish because I just didn't want to put it down; it's one of those stories that really pulls you in and keeps you reading. If your into a little bit of superstition, some paranormal, and some serious dark mystery then I recommend that you check out this book!

READ AN EXCERPT: http://deborahleblanc.com/leblanc-familyinheritance-excerpt.htm


  1. I love folklore in books! This book sounds wonderful!

  2. I absolutely love Deborah LeBlanc!