Thursday, December 31, 2009

Q&A and Giveaway! Author MJ Smith!

Joining us today is author MJ Smith! I'm so excited to have her here today! She'll be doing a guest post and Q&A....also she'll be giving away an AUTOGRAPHED copy of her new book "FOREVER YOURS"!

Summary: (from Amazon)

Author M.J. Smith's Forever Yours is an engrossing and sweeping saga of a novel about love, war and bittersweet reunions. Europe is torn apart by World War II and a feisty and beautiful heroine, Liz, answers the call to battle as a pilot in the Royal Air Force. Philip, her childhood friend and superior in the air force, is in a position of authority to stop her, but Liz is determined. Before she leaves on a dangerous reconnaissance mission, the two share a passionate night and Philip proposes, giving her his grandmother's ring. Liz's plane goes down during her mission in enemy territory while Philip is sent to train with an elite team of paratroopers. The two discover other loves during their time apart, each thinking the other is lost forever. Will these two star-crossed lovers find each other or will a war that has destroyed so much destroy the greatest love each has ever known?

Q&A With MJ!

me: First off, tell us a bit about yourself.

MJ: I was born in New Brunswick Canada. I love history and romance. Forever Yours is my first novel.


me: What inspired you to write "Forever Yours"?

MJ: Many things influenced my storyline. My love of history and fascination for this time period mostly inspired me. And World War II was also part of stories my maternal grandparents used to tell me as a child. So I guess it was only natural for me that one day I would write a romance story set in war time England and France.


me: Was there a ton of research involved in writing a historical romance?

MJ: Yes there was a ton of research involved. I wanted to make sure I had my facts straight. Above all, I wanted the reader to truly feel through my story as if they were back in time.


me: Who is your favorite Character in the story and why?

MJ: My favorite character is without a doubt the heroine Liz. She's feisty and determined. And nothing stops her from getting what she wants. She's a bit like me I guess(laughs).


me: Can you tell us a little about your upcoming novel?

MJ:My upcoming book is called A Soldier’s Vow. It takes place during World War I Europe where an American female photographer meets a handsome Canadian soldier. My manuscript is in the editing process but it should be out during the winter.


me: Last but not least...where can we find more of your and your work?


My blog



So how can you win an autographed copy of "Forever Yours"? Well I'll tell you! (contest ends on my birthday! January 25th! Open to US residents only)

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