Monday, December 14, 2009

Louisiana Blogger and Author Feature!

So apparently my mind has been working overtime. As I was sitting down tonight I thought Hmmmmm.....what about featuring Louisiana bloggers and authors on here? So of course I answered myself...I thought it was a good idea. *shrugs* While I have a few people in mind to start this off PLEASE contact me if you fit into this feature...or know someone who does! Thanks!

***totally unrelated note*** I finished "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks today and I can't honestly say if I was happy or P'oed at the end of that story. Hmph....I would comfort John!


  1. That's a great idea! I'm from NH so I don't qualify, but I'll spread the word and see if I know anyone that does.

  2. Hey kris- greetings from the Northshore!

    LOVE your photos! If you ever want to find a blog to host a giveaway, let me know!

    Check out my blog- I like to feature Lousiana Festival/Activities like Ren Fest and Christmas in the Oaks

    Blog looks great- you can always add your other interests! Just add them by meme (day of week post) or biweekly!

    re books- check out my left sidebar and you'll see some links under BOOKS about where you can sign up for review copies of books!

    I only started 5 months ago and get snowed under now and then already!