Monday, November 30, 2009

Review: The Earth, My Butt, and Other BIG Round Things

From Amazon: (booklist) Fifteen-year-old Viriginia Shreves is the blond, round, average daughter in a family of dark-haired, thin superstars. Her best friend has moved away, and she's on the fringes at her private Manhattan school. She wants a boyfriend, but she settles for Froggy Welsh, who comes over on Mondays to grope her. The story follows Virginia as she tries to lose weight, struggles with her "imperfections," and deals with the knowledge that her idealized older brother has committed date rape. There's a lot going on here, and some important elements, such as Virginia's flirtation with self-mutilation, are passed over too quickly. But Mackler writes with such insight and humor (sometimes using strong language to make her point) that many readers will immediately identify with Virginia's longings as well as her fear and loathing. Her gradually evolving ability to stand up to her family is hard won and not always believable, but it provides a hopeful ending for those trying stand on their own two feet. Ilene Cooper

My Review: Five glowing stars all the way for this book!! I loved it so much! If you've never read it (it was published in 2003) you need to go search it down and find it! Especially you YA bloggers! I truly ejoyed it!

You know it's so hard to be a teenager with all the expectations put on you by others. School is a trial in itself and please don't be overweight! Carolyn Macker caught everything perfectly through her character Virginia. I felt like I could have been reading about my teenage years LOL! Now I will say that I think this is for older teens...15, 16 year olds. There are a few descriptive areas in the book that I wouldn't want a 13 year old to read. Overall I think this book shines a true light on what a teenage girl can face growing up and that it is possible to overcome it.

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