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Big Sci-Fi and Fantasy Giveaway! Ends January 25th!

In honor of my upcoming Birthday...I've decided to have a big ol' Science Fiction and Fantasy Giveaway!

So in the pictures above you can see what books I'm giving away! Now I would go ahead and list them all but I'm PRETTY sure that you all know how to read LOL.
How will the contest work you ask? Well very simple actually...We'll have five winners!
If you are the first winner then you can pick your 2 books first, and so on and so on. Fifth winner'll get the books that are left....hey your still a winner though!
How do you enter?
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Q&A and Giveaway! Author MJ Smith!

Joining us today is author MJ Smith! I'm so excited to have her here today! She'll be doing a guest post and Q&A....also she'll be giving away an AUTOGRAPHED copy of her new book "FOREVER YOURS"!

Summary: (from Amazon)

Author M.J. Smith's Forever Yours is an engrossing and sweeping saga of a novel about love, war and bittersweet reunions. Europe is torn apart by World War II and a feisty and beautiful heroine, Liz, answers the call to battle as a pilot in the Royal Air Force. Philip, her childhood friend and superior in the air force, is in a position of authority to stop her, but Liz is determined. Before she leaves on a dangerous reconnaissance mission, the two share a passionate night and Philip proposes, giving her his grandmother's ring. Liz's plane goes down during her mission in enemy territory while Philip is sent to train with an elite team of paratroopers. The two discover other loves during their time apart, each thinking the other is lost forever. Will these two star-crossed lovers find each other or will a war that has destroyed so much destroy the greatest love each has ever known?

Q&A With MJ!

me: First off, tell us a bit about yourself.

MJ: I was born in New Brunswick Canada. I love history and romance. Forever Yours is my first novel.


me: What inspired you to write "Forever Yours"?

MJ: Many things influenced my storyline. My love of history and fascination for this time period mostly inspired me. And World War II was also part of stories my maternal grandparents used to tell me as a child. So I guess it was only natural for me that one day I would write a romance story set in war time England and France.


me: Was there a ton of research involved in writing a historical romance?

MJ: Yes there was a ton of research involved. I wanted to make sure I had my facts straight. Above all, I wanted the reader to truly feel through my story as if they were back in time.


me: Who is your favorite Character in the story and why?

MJ: My favorite character is without a doubt the heroine Liz. She's feisty and determined. And nothing stops her from getting what she wants. She's a bit like me I guess(laughs).


me: Can you tell us a little about your upcoming novel?

MJ:My upcoming book is called A Soldier’s Vow. It takes place during World War I Europe where an American female photographer meets a handsome Canadian soldier. My manuscript is in the editing process but it should be out during the winter.


me: Last but not least...where can we find more of your and your work?


My blog



So how can you win an autographed copy of "Forever Yours"? Well I'll tell you! (contest ends on my birthday! January 25th! Open to US residents only)

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Louisiana Blogger and Author Feature (3) Author Todd-Michael St.Pierre

Today's Featured Louisiana Author is Mr. Todd Michael St.Pierre! He'll be joining us with a Q&A Session, and some excerpts from his books!

1. So tell us a little about yourself.

I knew I wanted to be a writer since I was in elementary school, reading Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein. But my first memory of wanting to write about Louisiana came from reading books by the late Mary Alice Fontenot. I started writing for a major greeting card company when I was 17, one thing led to another and my first book "Somewhere: As Told by Garrett the Parrot" came out when I was 20.

2. How many books do you currently have out? I saw that you have children's book and there one you prefer working on over the other?

I currently have eight books out, two cookbooks and six children's titles. I am definitely a children's author first and foremost, the cookbooks just sort of happened, when my late Maw-Maw Dorothy passed away, I realized a need to collect her recipes and share them with others, her own family was a mixture of New Orleans folks and Acadiana folks, and a real variety of Louisiana flavors, Creole & Cajun alike. That resulted in my first cookbook "Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie, Filé Gumbo." But the children's books are what I have a true drive and passion for creating. Not only did I adore Seuss and Silverstein but I also loved Sendak, Prelutski and Lionni.

3. I also saw that you have several book coming out in 2010...can you tell us about those?

Yes, 2010 will be a busy year for me. First, in February "Knee-high to a Grasshopper" comes out, it is a book for preschoolers. It's the story of Stella Stinkbug and her point of view concerning the BIG, huge world around her, and how she as an itsy-bitsy baby bug relates to and fits into that world. It is illustrated by Lori Walsh, who also illustrated my book "Louisiana State Bird Pageant."

Then in April another children's title "The Crawfish Family Band" comes out, it's the story of Cayenne Crawfish and his siblings Tee-Jangle & Cheramie, along with their parents Papa Jeaux and Mama Claire, they tour Louisiana in their old bus, playing at various festivals around the state, including the Crawfish Festival in Breaux Bridge, of course. The book is illustrated by New Orleans artist Cherie Langford, and it has been so much fun working on this project with Cherie!

Also in April, a new cookbook "The French Quarter Cookbook" comes out. It picks up where my last cookbook "A Streetcar Named Delicious" left off.

Then in October, the children's book "Thibodeaux Turtle and Boudreaux Bunny" will be released, it's a retelling of The classic Tortoise and the Hare, with a Cajun twist. Thib & Boud is third in my current Louisiana series, which started with the publication of "Nola and Roux: The Creole Mouse and the Cajun Mouse" this past September. Also in October my fourth cookbook "A Confederacy of Scrumptious" comes out. Like I said 2010 will be a busy year for me. ;^)

4. Last but not least where can we find out more info about you and your books? (websites, fan pages, etc.)

My website is, my website has information and details about me and my available books, plus upcoming events etc. My Facebook Fan Page is

What do you love about Louisiana?

Wow, such a simple question yet so hard for me to answer because there are so many things I love about Louisiana, and I grew to appreciate Louisiana much, much more at times when I lived away. Not that there was anything wrong with the wonderful other places I have lived, simply that the absence really did make my heart grow fonder. I missed home so much that I just wrote and wrote and wrote about all the wonderful things I was homesick for.

So here are a few of the things I especially love about my Louisiana...Blue Crabs, Brown Pelicans, Crawfish Boils with friends and family, a pirouge ride down Bayou Teche, early morning walks on the levee along river road, the red seeds of a magnolia, Spanish moss, the Evangeline Oak in St. Martinville, Cajun Dance Halls, New Orleans streetcars, poboys, muffulettas, Maw-Maw's Gumbo (better during a cool snap), the Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge, Cane River Christmases, Cajun storytellers, Mardi Gras, Zulu Coconuts, Satchmo, Marie LaVeau, Jean Lafitte, Justin Wilson, Mahalia Jackson, LSU, The Saints, The Hornets, The Ragin' Cajuns and a few thousand other things but I'll stop with that!

Here are some Excerpts from two of Todd-Michael's upcoming books:
Sample from "The Crawfish Family Band" coming in April of 2010

We play Franklin and Lafayette,
You’ll wanna dance! You wanna bet?
And if it rains we're not upset,
We Crawfish don't mind getting WET!Another town, another show!
From Algiers Point to Westwego!
On to Crowley and Carencro,
Down to Houma and Thibodaux.We’re in demand! Hey don’t you know…
Seems like we’re always on the GEAUX!

The jumbo shrimp sure cut a rug,
As blue crab dance The Jitterbug
The oysters like the songs so well
It’s hard to keep them in the shell

Here are the names of the songs on their first CD
"Live From Louisiana"...
(1) The Gumbo Song
(2) My Boiling Point
(3) Save the Wetlands: Turn the Tide
(4) Bayou Self Boogie
(5) Mudbug Madness
(6) My Baby is Hot and Spicy
(7) Heads or Tails (either way I lose)
(8) Shell of a Man
(9) The Crawdaddy Crawl
(10) HEY! HEY! HEY! Etouffee!
(11) Bluesiana (when you’re gone)
(12) Atchafalaya Medley

From Thibodeaux Turtle and Boudreaux Bunny, coming in October of 2010.

Thibodeaux Turtle had less than three weeks to get in shape before the river road race.

Each morning Robicheaux Rooster went jogging with him.

Each afternoon Bastille Bullfrog helped him as he lifted weights.

Each evening Nanan Nutria fixed him healthy meals like okra gumbo and low fat red beans and rice.

By the day of the river road race, believe you me, Thibodeaux Turtle was ready!

Animals from all over the Louisiana bayou country came to watch Thibodeaux and Boudreaux’s race.

Odelia Opossum read the rules and described the course.

“Attention, everybody. The race will begin when I ring this big silver bell. The five-mile course follows the levee and is marked by bright orange balloons. The first one to reach the finish line will be the winner. Runners, take your mark, get set, GEAUX! Odelia Opossum rang the big silver bell.
Boudreaux Bunny bounced out of sight before Thibodeaux Turtle had so much as taken his first step. The crowd clapped and cheered as Thibodeaux inched forward, slow and steady.

Thank you for joining us today Todd-Michael and we hope you'll come back to visit!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 400 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Press; 1 edition (August 1, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0545123267
ISBN-13: 978-0545123266
Summary: (from Amazon)
For years, Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house. One yellow-eyed wolf--her wolf--is a chilling presence she can't seem to live without. Meanwhile, Sam has lived two lives: In winter, the frozen woods, the protection of the pack, and the silent company of a fearless girl. In summer, a few precious months of being human . . . until the cold makes him shift back again.
Now, Grace meets a yellow-eyed boy whose familiarity takes her breath away. It's her wolf. It has to be. But as winter nears, Sam must fight to stay human--or risk losing himself, and Grace, forever
My Review:
*WOW....just wow! I am in Love with this book and I can't wait to read "Linger" NOW!
*Now that I got that out of the way...I will say that Maggie Stiefvater did a phenomenal job with writing this story. It's a real winner in my opinion.
*The writing and descriptions of the wolves were beautiful! She really captured the essence of these animals and made me picture them as I was reading. I'd have to say the same thing about most of the book though. Stiefvater's writing really draws you in and keeps you there.
*I got through his book really quickly; The 400 pages flew by because I couldn't seem to pull myself away from Grace and Sam's story. Those two just sent me on an emotional roller coaster!
*Truth be told, by the end of the book I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh, cry, or scream! It was mostly screaming though because I want to read "Linger" so much!
*I recommend this one and suggest that you pick it up if you haven't already. It's defenitley a five star book for me.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Review: ARC Alien Suspicion 3009 by Anne-Marie Desiree

ALIEN SUSPICION by Ann-Marie Desiree
Genre: Romance
SubGenre: Science Fiction
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-60313-747-8
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-60313-748-5

Book Summary: (From Whiskey Creek Press)
On the distant planet of Erda, in a future of a thousand years hence, two lovers meet - but cannot mate. She is a kind and caring Erdan female named Alorea, and he is the wealthy and powerful Markus from Earth. They are both humanoids, together in the Earth colony on that other world, who find awesome interest and attraction to each other.

But Markus has a little son, and is going through a terrible divorce..... or so he says. He is rough and gruff with her, at least initially. Alorea finds herself trying to attract him desperately, but cannot break through his self-imposed distance. And there are seemingly insurmountable problems of language, culture, society, and family differences - in addition to their being from different planets.

It seems as if the Fates continue to bring them back together, no matter how hard they think they should remain apart. And together they must suffer and survive too many terrible surprises, especially from those who would destroy them both. Only the growing strength of their caring and desire for each other will see them through. Though this is only if they can somehow reach the others true self.

In a cold alien world of dry and barren landscape, can anyone find warmth and happiness? Will the power of love still be possible for humans and aliens? This novel hopes to find out.
My Review:
*This book is a futuristic science fiction romance, and it initially caught my attention with it's cover! Now, when I first started reading I was unsure if I was going to like it or not. The more I read though, the more I enjoyed it!
*We follow out two main characters, Alorea and Markus, throughout heir tumultuous journey to love. The readers (us) know that they're in love but it takes them a while to realize it LOL. The tension building between the two really kept me interested and built up the story.
*Since it was a futuristic story you had to learn some terminology, but nothing complicated that will fry your brain cells of course. For example (future)cars are shuttles and you don't get have to recharge your power cell! Now there are definitely some "interesting" things you learn about the alien planet, but you'll have to read it to find out those details.
*And lest I should forget. The dry humor (my favorite kind) was abundant throughout the story which I really liked!
*Overall I would say this was an enjoyable read...You can check out more about the book and other titles from Whiskey Creek Press @
***this book was provided to me in exchange fro an honest review. No monetary compensation was involved***

In My Mailbox! Christmas Edition!

This meme is hosted by Kristi (The Story Siren) but inspired by Alea (Pop Culture Junkie)!

I had an awesome week! My mom rocks...I must say!

For Christmas presents I got...

-Under The Dome
-Thirst 1
-Hush Hush
-Blue Moon
-City Of Glass

Some wins....

-Soul of the Wildcat (autographed!) from Along with some awesome swag
-Shiver from Life After Jane and the No Kill Book Shelter (can't wait to read this one!
-Some awesome swag from Mundie Moms celebrating the release of Bree Despain's "The Dark Divine"

AND last but not least.... (from my mom)

-The Edward barbie doll!
-Awesome A-Z bookends!

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Giveaway! 5 Copies of "The Survivors Club" Ends January 15th

Don't forget to enter my My Holiday Giveaway here....Ends January 10th and there will be three winners!

So Here is some info on "The Survivors Club"

Which is the safest seat on an airplane? Where is the best place to have a heart attack? Why does religious observance add years to your life? How can birthdays be hazardous to your health?

THE SURVIVORS CLUB Each second of the day, someone in America faces a crisis, whether it's a car accident, violent crime, serious illness, or financial trouble. Given the inevitability of adversity, we all wonder: Who beats the odds and who surrenders? Why do some people bound back and others give up? How can I become the kind of person who survives and thrives?

The fascinating, hopeful answers to these questions are found in THE SURVIVORS CLUB. In the tradition of Freakonomics and The Tipping Point, this book reveals the hidden side of survival by combining astonishing true stories, gripping scientific research, and the author's adventures inside the U.S. military's elite survival schools and the government's airplane crash evacuation course.

With THE SURVIVORS CLUB, you can also discover your own Survivor IQ through a powerful Internet-based test called the Survivor Profiler. Developed exclusively for this book, the test analyzes your personality and generates a customized report on your top survivor strengths.There is no escaping life's inevitable struggles. But THE SURVIVORS CLUB can give you an edge when adversity strikes.

So do you want to win? Well here's what you have to do......

+1 Leave a comment on this post with your email address or a way to contact you
+1 Tweet about it
+1 Follow me on Twitter @KrisLovesBooks
+1 Add the contest to your sidebar

This contest is open to U.S. and Canadian residents.
Sorry but no P.O.Boxes.
This Contest will end on January 15th

Louisiana Blogger and Author Feature (2) Blogger Nicole!

So...Todays Featured Blogger is Nicole from Bless Their Hearts Mom (

Nicole will be telling us about her blog...(which I love to visit...she has some neat stuff!)

I would LOVE to tell you my blog is a Mom Blog or a Craft Blog or a Blog about Louisiana or a Food Blog or a Book Blog, etc. BUT the reality is it’s all of the above.
As my Mother taught me when teaching me to cook: you add a little of this, a little of that, some of this and some of that, add some love, and waa-la your recipe will always come out right. When you’re a Mom you wear a lot of hats and have to delve into a lot of different things on a daily basis, so my blog is just a reflection of the things that I delve into in my life as a mom, and it seems to have struck a chord with my followers, as they're still taking this blogging trip with me!

My blog is Bless Their Hearts Mom ( I know it's a weird title, but anyone who is from the South will be going, uh-uh, not so weird! When I was originating the blog, I thought it was going to be all rants or such, so the Southern phrase for " they just don't understand because _______ (fill in the blank)" seemed pretty logical! Once I added the vintage postcard header to the blog, the idea of bringing something old and making it new clicked with everyone, so I kept the name!

And since Nicole Lives in Louisiana she's going to tell us what she loves about it!

Why do I love Louisiana? First, let me say I am NOT a native. I was California born and bred (with a Yankee and Southern grandparent on both sides- color me CONFUSED), but Daddy is from the Northshore and they retired back here. As an only child I decided it was time to move back here (I went to High School in New Orleans) to be around my family. The slower pace is welcoming, as is the MUCH lower housing costs!

But the thing that has always appealed to me about Louisiana (and really the South in general) is the love of a good party. It doesn't matter what the occasion is, Southerns will make it a rockin party/festival. AND you can BET there will be some of the best food you've ever eaten there! There is a special feel- it's like we're all one big (way extended and way way dysfunctional-HA HA) family at the local festivals. I've met some pretty interesting people at them and some have turned into lifelong friends!

Louisiana has such a dichotomy of things to do- you can relax and chill, or 'do the sights' and learn a whole lot while you do. Louisiana's history is entrenched in it's soul, and it's always there reminding you that the state truly IS a melting pot, whose cultures have taken the best from each other's cultures and make the state a gumbo of nothing but good stuff.
And it doesn't hurt that the Saints are playing pretty well this year. Like we needed an excuse for another party? NAH, but we're gonna have a super one!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sherrilyn Kenyon's Cajun Hashbrown Recipe!

Now normally I stick to all things bookish but....When Sherrilyn Kenyon tweeted about her Cajun Hashbrown's I knew I had to have it on my blog!
Authors and food (especially cajun food) What a perfect combination! So she was kind enought to share the recipe with me so that I could share it with you!
There are several ways to make Cajun hashbrowns.
*If you really want it to shine, make roast beef hash from
*For those without a lot of time, the canned will work- just
heat thoroughly.
*Next you add a layer of cheese (I use sharp cheddar), then
slices of hot/cooked ham or Canadian bacon.
*Another layer of cheese (I use lamb chopper).
*Then you can add a poached, scrambled or egg over easy (whichever you prefer) and then top
with a drizzling of Hollandaise sauce.
It's a fairly simple recipe, but one that 's very tasty and one that will wow everyone.
Thanks for sharing it with us and I know I'll be trying this! If you want to check out more about Sherrilyn you can check out her website @

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Louisiana Blogger and Author Feature! (1) Deborah LeBlanc

Today's featured author is Ms. Deborah Leblanc! She's written several books based on the Louisiana bayou's including....

"Grave Intent"

"A House Divided"

"Family Inheritance"

"Water Witch"

"Morbid Curiosity"

"Grave Intent"

I Love her work and I'm honored to have her joining us today to tell us more about herself!

1. Tell us a little bit about long have you been writing? What made you decide to base your books in Louisiana?

Well, either I'm older than dirt or I've lived a lot in the time I've been on this planet because there always seems to be a lot to tell! Aside from my writing, I own two businesses and am the founder of Literacy Inc, a non-profit organization whose mission is to fight the growing rate of illiteracy in America's teens. I'm also the president of Mystery Writers of America's Southwest Chapter, president of the Horror Writers Association, and president of the Writers' Guild of Acadiana. I'm a licensed death scene investigator and have been a paranormal investigator for over fifteen years. Oh, and most importantly, I'm Mom to three adult girls. J As for writing, I started playing around with short stories when I was in the second grade, but really didn't get into serious novel-length work until nine years ago. The reason my books are based in Louisiana is because I know the land, the culture, the language, and the people as well as I know my own name. That said, it would be more difficult for me to write about a people or culture NOT from Louisiana! I think anytime a writer has intimate knowledge of a subject, be it a culture, place, or thing, and uses it in a story, that story winds up 'ringing' true to a reader's ear, which, in my opinion, is a crucial element in good storytelling.

2. In your bio you mention your grandmother...was she an inspiration in your writing? I know I have heard MANY stories growing up. Especially, like you wrote in "Family Inheritance" , of the "treateurs".

My grandmother was an inspiration in many aspects of my life. She was a no-nonsense, hard-working woman, who told it like it was. When she told a story, it was never fiction. It was always an accounting of something that had actually happened to someone in the family years earlier, and more times than not, those stories included the supernatural. She told those stories with such passion, her hands gesturing for emphasis, her eyes widening or narrowing to punctuate a point, that I'd sit at the foot of her rocker spellbound, not wanting the story to ever end. When I wrote Family Inheritance, which does revolve around a treateur, I wrote from experience because my grandmother was a treateur, as was her mother and her mother's mother. She was indeed one remarkable woman!

3. Can you tell us about your latest work or any work in progress(what we can look forward too?)

I have quite a few works in progress at the moment. My next book comes out mid 2010 and will be the third book in a trilogy I'm writing with Heather Graham. The working title of that book is WOLF'S BANE, and it's set in the heart of New Orleans. 2011, on the other hand, will be flooded with books. I have six scheduled to be released that year. The first three will be from a trilogy called Ghost Trackers, and the main character in each book scheduled for that series (GHOST BOX, 1313 ROYAL, and ZOMBIE ROAD) is a female paranormal investigator named Tess Bienville, who's driven to find out the truth about the life after death after her four-year-old son is murdered. From all indications, even before the first book is released, it looks like the publisher is interested in making this a series instead of a trilogy, which means there should be many more Ghost Tracker books to follow those three. On the heels of Ghost Tracker, I have another trilogy that will be released by another publisher. This one's called The Grimoire Trilogy. It's also set in New Orleans and involves triplet sisters who are master witches, and each sister is responsible for a certain sect of underground creatures that thrive in the city. Vampires-werewolves-and zombies. And, yep, these are going to include sex.

Last but Not Least: Can you tell us what you love about living in Louisiana?

That's the easiest question of all. Being Cajun, my love for Louisiana has everything to do with its people, our culture, the heritage that has been carried down for generations. I've traveled this country many times over, but have yet to find a more hospitable, generous, hard-working, and fun-loving people. Whenever someone asks me to explain what a Cajun is, I always tells them that the essence of a Cajun can be summed up in five Fs. ---Faith, Family, Friends, Food, and Fun. That is my heritage. It IS the jois de vive that makes us so unique to the rest of the country, and I wouldn't trade my culture or heritage for all the riches in the universe.

Can you tell us where to find more of your work? Places to purchase your books? Website? Fan pages?

You can find my work in any brick and mortar bookstore or online store, like Amazon. To find me online, there are a few places you can visit:

Here is Deborah's BIO:

People often ask if I consider myself to be an author or a writer. My answer is always the same. Neither. If I consider myself anything at all, it’s a storyteller who happens to write her stories on paper.

My love for storytelling came from my grandmother, who, in my opinion, was the best tale-spinner on the planet. I remember sitting at the foot of her rocker, utterly spellbound as she told story after story, all of them fact, not fiction mind you, of supernatural events that some uncle, aunt, or cousin had encountered ‘back in the day.’ Being Cajun, it was only natural that her entire body played a part in the telling of the tale. Her hand gestures were emphatic, her eyes widening or narrowing for effect, her entire body tensing and leaning forward as she reached the spookiest part of the tale. I remember wishing I could be just like her.

Second to the love of my grandmother’s stories was my fascination with words and their meaning. Even as a kid, I thought it was important to use the perfect words when conveying anything of importance, especially emotions. Little did I know that those two loves would steer me towards writerdom.

Growing up, I didn’t have aspirations of becoming an author. In fact, aside from a few short stories written out of boredom in grade school, the thought of being a writer never crossed my mind. Instead, I dreamed of being an astronaut, Superman, a nun, a bull-rider, a singer, and a teacher. It wasn’t until life had me well in the grips of adulthood that the storytelling urge overtook me, and I started penning tales.

At first the task was frustrating and daunting. Although I saw the story clearly in my head and could have easily told it standing before a million people, writing it without the aid of hand-gestures, facial expressions, or body language seemed impossible. It took a dozen or more false starts before it finally dawned on me…. I could use all those expressions of passion and conviction . . . if I chose just the right words. You’ve got to love how life sets you up sometimes, you know?

I just want to thank you for taking an interest in my work and offering me the opportunity to share a bit of my 'writers' story. And to anyone reading this who has read one of my books, I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you. When you walked into that bookstore or shopped online for a book, you had thousands of books to choose from. Thank you so much for choosing one of mine! J

Thanks again, Kristina!


*****Lastly I would like to thank Deborah for joining us today. I'm such a big fan and I hope that you've been encouraged to pick up one of her books and read!

Review: Family Inheritance by Deborah LeBlanc

Summary: (from Deborah's website)

The dark, impenetrable bayous of Louisiana are filled with secrets that can never be revealed and mysterious forces that can never be understood. Nightmares live there. Jessica LeJeune left Louisiana, but she brought some of those mysterious forces with her--and now she's being called back to her Cajun roots to confront a destiny she could not escape and a curse she might not survive.

Jessica's younger brother, Todd, has descended into a world of madness. His shattered mind is now the plaything of an unimaginable evil, an unstoppable entity with cruel plans for both Jessica and Todd. But Jessica is not alone in her battle to save her brother's soul. For deep in the misty bayous, in an isolated wooden shack, lives the one person who is their only hope...

My Review:

Ms. LeBlanc does a wonderful job of capturing the look and feel of Louisiana in her writing. Being from Louisiana myself I could easily picture the shacks on the bayous, but no matter where your from I think you can imagine it. She just does THAT well with her writing.

I recognized a lot of folklore throughout the story that has been passed on from generation to generation and I'm glad to see someone who was able to capture that and make it into a book we can all enjoy.

The story was full of mystery! I was interested and excited! It didn't take me long to finish because I just didn't want to put it down; it's one of those stories that really pulls you in and keeps you reading. If your into a little bit of superstition, some paranormal, and some serious dark mystery then I recommend that you check out this book!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Review: Freaks and Revelations

Summary: (from LB Teens)
This raw, moving novel follows two teenagers-one, a Mohawk-wearing 17-year-old violent misfit; the other, a gay 13-year-old cast out by his family, hustling on the streets and trying to survive. Acclaimed author Davida Wills Hurwin creates a riveting narrative told in alternating perspectives of their lives before and after the violent hate crime that changed both their futures. This tragic but ultimately inspirational journey of two polarized teens, their violent first meeting, and their peaceful reunion years later is an unforgettable story of survival and forgiveness. This story is inspired by the real lives of Matthew Boger and Timothy Zaal, who have shared their story on The Oprah Winfrey Show and NPR.
My Review:
This book is what I would call insightful. It's a definite eye opener to the world around you. Davida Hurwin did an excellent job building these characters. Based on Matthew Boger and Timothy Zaal's story; Davida managed to really catch the message they were trying to get across.
I cried during this book; being an adult I see this all around me and it's disturbing. I was glad to see a YA book that was so honest and straightforward. No sugarcoating was involved.
While my daughter is still too young right now, this book will be staying on my shelf till she's old enough to read it. I think it's so IMPORTANT to educate our kids about being prejudice and I think that this book can aid in that. It can definitely get the message out to different groups of kids effectively.
Personally I think this book would be great for kids from about 8th grade on up. (Maybe even younger at the parent's discretion) I think it should be on ALL library shelves.
For parents: If you have this book for your kids (or get it from the library). It teaches us something so vital in life...ACCEPTANCE.
Quote from the book:
"Hate is possible in anyone.
Hate is full of power.
Hate makes you feel invincible, strong, capable of fighting all your enemies. It wraps itself
around your biggest fears and it can make those fears go away. "
**I purchased this book myself**

Sunday, December 20, 2009

In My Mailbox

So I had a good week! Alot of stuff I can't wait to read! So let's see....


Once Bitten

Dead Over Heels

Night World 1 (from Pure Imagination)

Night World Fan Guide (from Pure Imagination)


For Review:

Keeping the Feast

Sealed With a Ring

Cowboy Trouble

Seduced by a Rogue

The Sweet By and BY



So what did you get in YOUR mailbox? Leave a link or post it here so I can check it out!

Review: The Sweet By and By by Sara Evans and Rachel Hauk

Book Summary: (from amazon)

A redemptive story from multi-platinum recording artist Sara Evans.
Jade Fitzgerald left the pain of her past in the dust when she headed out for college a decade ago. Now she's thriving in her career and glowing in the light of Max Benson's love.
But then Jade's hippie mother, Beryl Hill, arrives in Whisper Hollow, Tennessee, for Jade's wedding along with Willow, her wild younger sister.
Their arrival forces Jade to throw open the dark closets of her past--the insecurity of living with a restless, wandering mother, the silence of her absent father, and the heart-ripping pain of first-love's rejection.
Turns out Beryl has a secret of her own. She needs reconciliation with her oldest daughter before illness takes her life. In the final days leading to the wedding, Jade meets the One who shows her that the past has no hold on her future. With a little grace, they'll meet in the middle, maybe even before that sweet by and by.
My Review:
I Will have to say WOW! This book was fantastic and probably one of the most emotion-stirring storis I've read in a long time!
It's a beautifully writen and heartwrenching story about life, love, and faith. "The Sweet By and By" also teaches us about family relationships and how some things are more important in life than holding grudges. The writers did a wonderful job in geting the story to us in an emotional way. I could feel the character's pain and love throughout the storytelling. This book really hit a place in my heart.
I would reccommend that you go out NOW and get this book. I give it 5 stars all the way!
My Favorite Line from the book:
"There are no wrong choices; just a series of journeys and adventures"
**I received this book (as part of the Thomas Nelson Book Review Program) in exchange for an honest review. No monetary compensation was involved. **

Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Giveaway!

and reaching 50 followers I'm going to be hosting a giveaway! I want to thank all the followers who have helped build up the blog and to all the future followers who will help it to continue to grow!

I'll be giving away 3 that means 3 winners! If there is a certain book you would prefer to win just let me know in your post. Now...on to the 3 books!

Book Blurb For "Magic in the Wind"
"Sarah's coming home." Ever since Damon Wilder sought refuge in Sea Haven, he's heard the same breathless rumor pass the lips of nearly every local in the sleepy coastal town. Even the wind seems to whisper her name - a reverie so powerfully suggestive that it carries the curious Damon to Sarah's clifftop home, and seeks to shelter him there.
But Damon has not arrived alone. Two men have tracked him to Sea Haven, and into the shadows of Drake House, where Sarah hides her own secrets. And danger- as well as a desire more urgent than either has ever known- is just a whisper away...

Book Blurb for "The Twilight Companion"
Everyone's in love with vampires, and if his name happens to be Edward Cullen, then readers of the wildly popular Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer can't help but be crazy about him. For all those who adore Bella Swan, Edward, and the rest of the Cullen family and can't get enough, this companion guide is a must-read and a terrific gift. The series follows an unlikely couple: Bella, a teenager, and her boyfriend Edward, a vampire that has sworn off human blood. But their love is ill-fated--being a vampire, Edward must keep his passion in check, lest he is driven to suck Bella's blood.
With legends, lore, and myths about everything from vampires to werewolves to immortality, a bio of the author, and a ton of insight into the four-book series, this companion guide will give millions of readers the information that they've been waiting for since book one.

Book Blurb for "Heart Dance"
DuFleur Thyme is a scientist who's secretly experimenting with time. She'll allow no distractions from her work—not even from a HeartMate. Meanwhile, Saille T'Willow has sent his HeartGift out into the world in hopes of finding his HeartMate, who, it turns out, is DuFleur.Still, DuFleur wants nothing to do with Saille, especially when she discovers that it was his grandmother who brought about her father's ruin. Unfortunately, her body can't help but submit to the passion he stirs within her. But when a scandal threatens Saille's position as head of the family, will DuFleur stand by his side?

***OK so what do you have to do to enter? Just comment and leave a way for me to contact you! +1
Sorry guys but this contest is open to US and Canadian residents only(but your more than welcome to become a follower no matter where you live!)...and the contest ends on January 10th!

For Extra Entries:

+1 if you tweet about it

+1 if you follow me on twitter @KrisLovesBooks

+1 if you follow the blog

+2 if you were already a follower before the contest

+3 if you post this contest on your blog (sidebars are fine)

**Alright well that's it! Spread the word around and let's get some more followers!

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Interview with Aspiring Author C.J. Ellison Come Take A Look!

Joining us today is C.J. Ellison! She'll be telling us about her book in progress and a little about what it's like trying to get published and finding an agent. She'll also tell us more info on her book and where we can find her at. So without further ado let's get to the Q&A....

*So tell us what made you decide that you wanted to become a published author?
I didn't decide it per se, so much as it was a pipe dream. I started writing this past February to distract myself from things in my life I couldn't change and before I knew it I had a 1/3 of the book done and wondered if anyone would want to read it.

That curiosity culminated in my reaching out to readers via the Internet. Those readers inspired me to finish my book and made me think it may just be good enough to get published.

*Have you had the idea for Vampire Vacation sitting around for a while or is it just something that came to you one day and you knew that you had to write this story down?
Kind of a combination of both, really. I've loved reading everything in the Urban Fantasy genre for ages - way before it officially had a 'genre'. I love mysteries, adventure, intrigue, romantic sub-plots - you name it!

But at the same time, I noticed a trend of when I picked a book there became certain things I no longer liked to read. True crime and horror appealed to me when I was younger, but once I had kids they became things that gave me nightmares. Romance - historical, regency, contemporary (all flavors) - stopped appealing when I passed my mid-20's and I no longer wanted a man to "save me."

I wanted a heroine who didn't need her partner, but wanted him in her life. A woman strong enough to stand on her own and take life by the throat. I loved the idea of creating my own world and the inherent sexiness of the vampire story called out to me. I had some inklings of how to start a book and where I would set my story, but nothing really came together until I decided to write.

*I like to ask this question to gives some insight...Were you imaginative as a child? Were you a daydreamer?

Yes on both questions. I've been heavily involved with art most of my life. It was expected as I was growing up that I would pursue a career in art.. Reality reared it's ugly head and I realized how hard it would be to make a living at it.

Now it's a hobby and I apply it in a most unusual way - home improvement projects. It's scary (and rewarding) some of the things I've learned to build over the years.

As for the day dreaming - well, the teenage years were exceptionally hard on me. I was teased and picked on growing up and that didn't lend itself to a strong sense of self-confidence in high school.. Books were my place to escape to and daydreaming within their pages became my salvation.

*How has the journey been for you in trying to find a publishing house? Has it been worth it?

So far things have been a whirlwind. I've entered contests and sent out queries. I've had agent pitch sessions and impromptu ones with editors that want to read my book. The hardest thing so far has been in finding an agent.

I've proven there is an interest in reading this style of book and have worked to develop a following. But so far the agents haven't wanted to take a chance on my work and I've started to pursue publishers without one.

We'll find out in January if Dorchester decides V V makes the cut in their recent contest -- where right now the book has made Fan Favorite and a spot in the Final Five.
The journey to get published has been one filled with numerous ups and downs. Has it been worth it? Well, I think I'll be better prepared to answer that six months after my book has been released and we can see where it is on the charts ;-)

*Tell us a little about Vampire Vacation.

My true inspiration behind V V was hot monogamy. Like I said before, I love this genre and read a ton of it. I was sick and tired of reading books where the kick-butt heroine saves the day again only to bungle the relationship by the next book. If half of all marriages winds up in divorce what does that leave the happily married people to read?

Why hasn't anyone seen the really hard thing in life is not in finding love but in keeping it? True intimacy, the type depicted in my sex scenes, does not come early in a relationship. It takes time to culminate and grow.

Okay - aside from the hot monogamy, let me get back to the book - a married couple run a vacation spot for vampires in Alaska. The wife is a vampire and the husband is her human mate of sixty-five years. The premise of the book is they try to solve a murder without alerting their randy undead clients.

The whole story is from the female vampire's point of view and I make the journey through her eyes funny and fast paced.

*Any idea if you will continue this story as a series? Is that something that you're interested in doing?
I've already started the second book - titled The Hunt and have notes on the third, Big Game, and the fourth as well. I would love to keep writing these characters indefinitely if there is a market for them. I had an absolute blast creating the first book!

*Last but not least give us the info on where we can find out more about you and your book! Websites? Fan pages? Twitter? Blog?

Kris, you've been incredible to showcase my blog, conduct this interview and offer to read my novel. Thank you! As you know, my book isn't out yet and won't be until later 2010 if I'm lucky. But with help like yours I'm sure we'll have info soon!

Interested parties can learn more about the status of publication on my website,, read more about my journey to publication on my personal blog or if you're on facebook you're welcome to stop by my fanpage and say hello,

Thanks again for having me and you honor me in your interest. Wishing you the best success with your blog!

C.J. I'd like to take the time to thank you for stopping by the blog, answering questions, and letting me have the opportunity to review you book. I'll be crossing my fingers for you and watching the bookshelves!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Aspiring Author C.J.Ellison...take a look at her Blog!

So I've emailed back and forth a few times with C.J. and she's awesome. She's working on getting her book "Vampire Vacation" published. (I'll be reviewing it shortly so stay tuned to the blog for that! But...I want everyone to go check out her blog where you can read the first chapter of the book. I love the premise of the book and look forward to reading it, so please go show your support.
Also please come back to the blog because I'll be having an interview with C.J. about her book and what it's like on the road to getting published!
Check her out here....

Review: B.S. Business Satire by John Auger and Jerry Serra

Well I'm not much of a business book reading type of gal since I'm a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) *you'll get that joke in a minute* But this was sent to me for review and I'm glad I read it. It's short and sweet and I laughed out loud.
Paperback: 114 pages
Publisher: Publishing Works (September 30, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1933002077
ISBN-13: 978-1933002071
Authors John Auger and Jerry Serra take readers on a comedic ride about the state of today’s business culture. Full of satire, this trendy pocket sized reader is like a recipe for the modern workplace that reminds readers to work to live, not live to work.
My Review:
If you work in a business setting daily this book will give you a chuckle because you are sure to recognize some of the key points these two authors touched on. My favorite had to be Titles (and of course what your email signature should include). Since I'm not sure on the amount of YA readers on the blog (they had some coarse language) I'll include one that I thought was funny.
-Asset Protection Executive (APE)
"We don't monkey around"
Now while there is a lot of fun and sarcasm the guys also included some advice that rings true. I could see giving this as a Christmas present to your good-hearted boss and having them laughing at themselves in not to long. In the end it was an all around funny book with some decent advice for the work place.
*This ebook was sent to me for review in exchange for an honest review*
A little about the company...
Publishing Works, Inc., was launched in 2003 as an independent press specializing in regional titles. As we’ve grown, we are able to offer all of the benefits of a large house under one roof, still retaining the accessibility of a small press. And our list of titles now includes diverse genres, age levels, and subject matters.
We provide our authors with expert editorial guidance, professional design and production, marketing, publicity and distribution—in other words, The Works!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Louisiana Blogger and Author Feature!

So apparently my mind has been working overtime. As I was sitting down tonight I thought Hmmmmm.....what about featuring Louisiana bloggers and authors on here? So of course I answered myself...I thought it was a good idea. *shrugs* While I have a few people in mind to start this off PLEASE contact me if you fit into this feature...or know someone who does! Thanks!

***totally unrelated note*** I finished "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks today and I can't honestly say if I was happy or P'oed at the end of that story. Hmph....I would comfort John!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Go check out Amy's Blog for Spread the Love Sunday!

Check out Amy J-Book Addict @ My overstuffed Bookshelf For spread the love Sunday!

Guess who she has featured today....go ahead guess....ME! So go check out the Q&A! (please)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Review: "Entwined by Fate" S.A Price

Thirty females of the Ophidian race have gone missing, most from the transient nest of Las Vegas, a rogue and unofficial nest run by the Saint, John Merrick. Believed to be dead by every Archon in the states, Merrick leads a quiet and unassuming life, saving those of his race that are lost and need it most. It's a solitary existence, one that he hates every day. He yearns for his mate, the woman he left over a decade before, and the woman who thinks him dead to this day. When Elise Rizdon gets the official invitation to the Archon meeting in Ohio by the leader of a new Midwestern nest, she never expected to see the love of her life at the woman's side, a man she was told was dead and buried. She lost him once upon a time, and she never fully recovered. Focusing on the issues, and not the man that has always made her body burn is not going to be easy. A disturbing event is on the horizon, one that threatens all Ophidian's and their way of life. In order to survive they will have to work together, give up old grudges and take chances on the things that matter most. Love, life and the continuation of their race.
My Review:
Ok so I really enjoyed this book! The Story was so different, and Weresnakes have got to be the next big thing. Now you're probably thinking...Snakes? Who would think that's sexy? Well when you read Stella and Audra Price's will! Their sexy characters will make you realize why those scaley guys are HOT! I loved the plot of the was interesting. The romance was on just the right level and let's just say they had some steamy scenes. Oh and big points from me on this book because guess what? The women are in charge in the snake world and the men are the sexy liaisons. I read this book pretty quickly because I just had to know what would happen!
"Entwined by Fate" releases in January 2010 and I hope that those who enjoy the paranormal (or even fantasy) genre will check this one out. I think our long loved werewolves just might have competition!
You can check out more of Stella and Audra here:
Read the first chapter of "Entwined by Fate" here:
***Stayed tuned because these gals will be having a blog tour coming up (check back here!) with some awesome prizes!!****
*I received this ebook ARC from the author in exchange for review*

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Review: The Swan Kingdom

Reading level: Young Adult
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Candlewick; Reprint edition (October 13, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0763642932
ISBN-13: 978-0763642938
From School Library Journal : (
A story loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen's "The Wild Swans." Alexandra, 15, is the daughter of a powerful king and a wise queen. Like her mother, she has the gift of the ancient ways, but her talents aren't fully developed. The queen takes her into the ancient woods to celebrate her coming-of-age, and while there is attacked by an unnatural beast. Alexandra, in spite of her magic and healing skills, cannot save her mother. The king, plunged into despair, spends every day hunting for this beast. One day he returns with a beautiful woman who seems to charm everyone in the kingdom, except his children. Even though they believe that Zella is the shape-shifting beast that killed their mother, their father marries her. When they try to break her enchantment, Alexandra is banished to live with her aunt, and her brothers are turned into swans. It is with her aunt that the teen begins to understand her power, grow in maturity, believe in herself, and find love. She also realizes that if she is to save her family and her kingdom, she must take matters into her own hands and fight.
My Review:
Zoe Marriott writes beautifully; her words grip you from the start. She's a descriptive writer who weaves a magical story. The "magic" in this story is evident from the start as the main character, Alexandra, explains it to us in a "wondrous" way without it sounding "hokey". I got the impression that this was a story of growth for our main character. She suffers great loss and has to find the strength to fight. Her journey is long and dark, and there is so much sadness in Alexandra's story. I could feel it just as the main character would through Zoe's writing. The peak of the story was exciting and had me on the edge of my seat; twists and turns; good overcoming evil. "The Swan Kingdom" showed what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself. And of course all fairy tales must have a happy ending right? Well you'll have to read the book to find out!
I adored this book and intend to recommend it to those who are interested. If you enjoyed fairy tales as a child then this is a book for you to look into. I think that teenagers and adults alike will enjoy it. As an adult myself I can say the story sucked me in and kept me reading. I personally look forward to reading more of Zoe Marriott's work!
Oh and isn't that cover Gorgeous!
*I bought this book*

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Review: Never Cry Werewolf

Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: HarperTeen (September 1, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0061349232
ISBN-13: 978-0061349232
From Amazon:

Moonlight can totally change your life.

And it all starts so simply.

You. Him.

The moon.

You're toast.

Okay, so maybe Shelby has made a few mistakes with boys lately (how was she supposed to know Wes had "borrowed" that Porsche?). But her stepmother totally overreacts when she catches Shelby in a post-curfew kiss with a hot senior: Suddenly Shelby's summer plans are on the shelf, and she's being packed off to brat camp. It's good-bye, prom dress; hello, hiking boots.
Things start looking up, though, when Shelby meets fellow camper (and son of a rock star) Austin Bridges III. But soon she realizes there's more to Austin than crush material—his family has a dark secret, and he wants Shelby's help guarding it. Shelby knows that she really shouldn't be getting tangled up with another bad boy . . . but who is she to turn her back on a guy in need, especially such a good-looking one? One thing's for sure: That pesky full moon is about to get her into trouble all over again.
My Review:
So the overall setting was different for me which I liked. The story was based around a bunch of rich kids who get sent to summer camp...also know as "brat camp". Now while I enjoyed the different setting I found it rather unspectacular in description. (I expected more since it was paranormal genre). The characters were okay; Shelby and Austin were rather blah throughout the first half of the story. I DID enjoy the fact that the story was told through Shelby's voice. I always feel closer to a character like this. It was also nice not to know the main "secret" of the book straight away...this was my encouragement to keep reading. I'm glad that I did cause I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed the second half of the book. It was more exciting and there was definitely more plot and character building going on. The story really picked up steam for me at this point. The teen romance escalated on a cute level that makes you miss those teenage years (for us older YA readers LOL) and love blossoms in unusual places. The ending was really good and leads me to believe we'll see another book. I'm interested to see what happens to Shelby.
Overall it was not the best book I've ever read but it was a good read. If your looking for something lighter to read on the paranormal YA shelves then this might be the book for you to try!
*this book was purchased by me*

Monday, December 7, 2009

Interview with author Aubrie Dionne "Chameleon's Colors"

So today we have an interview with Aubrie Dionne! This is the first author interview at this blog!! So excited!

So Aubrie...Tell us little bit about yourself.

I'm a flutist and a teacher in New England. I teach flute at a Univeristy and a local Community Music School. To keep the flute lessons exciting and make the students play with emotion, I tell stories to go with the music. Over the years,my students insisted that I publish my stories, and so here I am today!

What was your inspiration ; how did you come up with "Chameleon's Colors"?

I love the carnival atmosphere! My favorite movie as a child was "The Last Unicorn" and there's a scene at a traveling carnival that has inspired my imagination for years. There's a sense of magic and excitement at carnivals that you don't see in everyday life. I thought it would be neat to write a series of stories featuring a different female performer in the carnival. The next one in the series is Seer's Destiny, about a fortune teller, coming out in 2010. I also have one about a jester, a flame breather, a snake charmer, and a mermaid, all coming out next year!

How long have you been writing and what made you decide to take the step to becoming an author?

I've written all my life. I started my first novel in high school. It was about a flutist that goes back in time to be a minstrel in a medieval court! I started submitting two years ago, and now I have several publications under my belt!

Are there any other authors that you find inspiring or any favorite books that you must have on your shelves?

I love Tad Williams and his fantasy and science fiction series. I grew up reading Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, the Otherland Series, and now I'm enjoying his new series called Shadowmarch. Other authors I enjoy reading are Patricia McKillip, Neil Gaiman, and Sherri S. Tepper. I love books with strong female characters.

And last but not least...What other works do you have out and where can we find them?

My young adult novel, Dreams of Beauty, can be found at I have two novels coming out at Lyrical Press in 2010, and my other short stories can be found at Gypsy Shadow Publishing.

Thank you for inviting me here today, Kris!

And that's it!


Thanks for joining us today and I hope to get to read more of your short stories!

Check out this contest at Rambling of a Wanna be Scribe

You can actually win a signed copy of Twilight! Go check her out and get you entries in!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Contest over at Kimberly Derting's Blog!

Kimberly is having an awesome contest to celebrate the upcoming release of "The Body Finder". Personally I can't wait to get my hands on this one...I think it's going to be good!

25 followers Giveaway winners!

First of all thanks to everyone for following! It's great to have new friends! Now on to the winners! (which were picked by

The winner of Amanda Ashley's "A Darker Dream" is

The winner of Katie McAlister's "Sex and the Single Vampire" is


I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone and thank you for spreading the word about this "baby" blog LOL!

*If the winners could please contact me at ksg_amg(at) with there snail mail addresses I'll get these books out to you this week!

Review of Chameleon's Colors by Aubrie Dionne

Available at

From Aubrie's blog: Ever since she stumbled into her father’s lab and drank a cocktail of his experiments, Kaylee has the ability to change color, blending into her environment like a chameleon. Deemed a freak at school, she runs away and joins the Masquerade Carnival. Her life takes on a routine and she enjoys performing in the shows until one day she falls for a young man hired to help run the rides. Coincidentally, an old, roving gypsy offers to restore her body as it once was to win his heart. Now she must choose between her unique powers or a chance at love.

My Summary:

In the beginning we meet our main character Kaylee, a carnival performer. After reading about a wonderfully descriptive performance in the first paragraph I was caught up in the story. We flash back to Kaylee's past and learn about how she came to be the person that she is today. While in High School she suffers the daily fears of not fitting in until one day she discovers her Father's secret. This is where her life changes forever. ( I won't tell you'll have to read the story!) We are then brought back to present day where we meet an interesting group of carnival old gypsy...and a new love! Our main character is presented with a difficult choice to make and we follow her along her struggle. Love blooms in an unusual way (this was my favorite part!) hearts are healed and happiness unfolds!

My Review:

This ebook was sent to me by the author for review and while I'm not normally one for ebooks the cover really caught my attention. I'm so glad that it did!

I will say that I was taken in by Aubrie's writing style from the very beginning. She is descriptive but not overly so. You can visualize the story easily and see your characters as I think she pictures them. It was a fast paced story that kept me interested and entertained the whole time I was reading. For me this was a story of trying to fit in and how sometimes you can only find true happiness when you look within yourself. I thought this was a wonderful short story and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a bit of science fiction mixed in with their reading.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Beautiful Creatures Photo Contest!

Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl are hosting a photo contest over at their website! If you are interested check it out @

Now on to my entries:

This is one of the angels in St Joseph Cathedral in New Orleans

The fountain in Jackson Square

The Steamboat Natchez

Here is the link again! I am entering this one since photography is my second favorite hobby to reading!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Review Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler

Mass Market Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Orbit (November 1, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0316056588
ISBN-13: 978-0316056588
From Amazon: Living in small town Rockabill, Maine, Jane True always knew she didn't quite fit in with so-called normal society. During her nightly, clandestine swim in the freezing winter ocean, a grisly find leads Jane to startling revelations about her heritage: she is only half-human. Now, Jane must enter a world filled with supernatural creatures alternatively terrifying, beautiful, and deadly- all of which perfectly describe her new "friend," Ryu, a gorgeous and powerful vampire. It is a world where nothing can be taken for granted: a dog can heal with a lick; spirits bag your groceries; and whatever you do, never-ever-rub the genie's lamp. If you love Sookie Stackhouse, then you'll want to dive into Nicole Peeler's enchanting debut novel.

My Review: Ok so I won an ARC of Nicole Peeler's "Tempest Rising" (with signed bookplate!) from Suburban Vampire. Now what initially attracted me to enter the contest was the cover. It's very tattooish and so my style! I read the blurb and knew that if I didn't win it I would buy it. (who wouldn't want to read about selkies right?) Anyway on to the review part.......
I will say that I was hooked from the very first chapter! Nicole I don't know what's coming next in "Tracking the Tempest" but I will say that Grizzie needs her own book LOL! (but maybe hers will be paranormal erotica or something LOL!) So our main character is Jane True and Poor Jane always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But this chick keeps her head up and keeps on going! Poor Jane learns of the "supernaturals" through an unfortunate event which leads her to meet an amazing cast of characters and learn about her true self (get it "true" self LOL). But her lessons of the "sups" are taught to her by hunky investigator Ryu that not all "sups" are the same. As we follow Jane through he story we meet an interesting array of characters.....selkies, dryads, and nagas, oh my! Nicole creates a world that only come to us in our dreams and books like this. The story was fast paced and exciting. This was one of those books that I couldn't put down. I myself can not wait for book two "Tracking the Tempest"...where Jane's story will be continued. Nicole's book had me laughing out loud at times. It contained a lot of snarky comments and humorous moments. There was action and romance; there were twists and turns till the end. I give this book 5 stars and can honestly say I recommend it to all who love the paranormal/fantasy genre and who are looking for something different and fun!